How many license do i need to purchase?


I want to find out how many studio license do i need for a start? Currrently is one developer. eventually will have several developers.

For robot (attended/unattended) how many job a robot can run? i’m starting from HR department now. Is it one robot for one department or can i use the same robot to combine HR and finance department processes?

Thank you

Hi @mayachoy ,

Sharing my suggestion below for your question.

Since you have one developer first we would need one developer license. Now a days we are getting developer license with named user and multi user with the named user you could assign to only one developer but with multi user you can assign multiple developer like who are working in shifts we can switch this license to developer who are working on that moment. I think getting license from uipath should be quick so if you are going to expand your dev team you could get those many developer licenses.

Coming to your second question we can manage two departments with single un attended bot in the beginning but it depends upon the processes you are trying to automate, frequency of the process (how many times we should run like 30 minutes once or once in a day etc), ETA. We have to be sure There should not be any clash for the timings for two processes from same department or different the beginning Best practice should be go for two un attended bots for your HR and finance.

And also one question from my side in your question you did not mention about orchestrator ( non prod and prod ) and also we should be having non production bot for non prod env.

Please review the license models in the document link below.

If you still have any doubts regarding for license better you should connect with the Uipath sales team they will guide you in best way to get your required licenses from UiPath.

Hi @mayachoy,

You can share 1 robot across multiple domains. What you will need to verify is that there is no access issue between the different department to be sure on this.

Also you may need to check how long will the bot execution take place for one team and also make sure that the timing of the bot execution doesn’t conflict. If it does, you may need to robots License else a single license can be used for the activities.

Now as you are just starting, my suggestion would be start with one robot and in case of any conflicts you can request UiPath for another license whenever required.



First analyze the job volume and time interval which you want to process.


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