How many different computers can the orchestrator cloud run on?

For example, if I design a process called “demo1” on computer A and publish it to the orchestrator cloud, I can run it directly on computer A. But if I log into the same account on computer B and try to run the “demo1” process, is this scenario feasible?

Yes, the scenario you described is feasible in UiPath Orchestrator. When you design and publish a process (such as “demo1”) from computer A to the Orchestrator cloud, you can run it on any machine that is connected to the same Orchestrator instance and has the necessary access permissions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Design and Publish: You develop the automation process (“demo1”) on computer A using UiPath Studio. Once the development is complete, you publish the process to the Orchestrator cloud.
  2. Machine and Robot Setup: On computer B, you need to set up the UiPath Robot software and connect it to the same Orchestrator instance as computer A. This involves installing the UiPath Robot software and providing the necessary Orchestrator connection details, such as the Orchestrator URL and credentials.
  3. Provisioning: In the Orchestrator, you need to ensure that computer B is properly provisioned. This includes configuring the machine name, assigning the appropriate Robot to the machine, and making sure the machine is licensed and available for execution.
  4. Process Execution: Once the setup is complete, you can trigger the execution of the “demo1” process on computer B from the Orchestrator. The Orchestrator will send the instructions to the UiPath Robot running on computer B, and the process will run on that machine.

In summary, as long as you have properly set up the UiPath Robot on computer B and configured it in the Orchestrator, you can run the “demo1” process or any other published process from computer B, even if it was originally designed on computer A. The Orchestrator acts as a central hub for managing and executing processes across multiple machines.

Can you provide me with a configuration or explanatory document about orchestrator? I remember seeing it before, but I can’t find it now.

Managing Robots:

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