How many bots comes with basic orchestrator license

Hi all,

I want to buy basic orchestrator license. and I want to confirm that whether do we need to purchase bot sepreatly or few bot comes with license.

If you are referring to on-prem license basic orchestrator can hold up to 5 robots and it is single-tenant

You need to purchase robots separately.

If you are going with cloud you have to purchase only robots cloud orchestrator will be provided free as a service by UiPath

refer this link to more details

Hi @Thanu_Matheesha1, Just for clarification. If I buy an on-premises license does attend and the unattended robot comes along with the license or do I need to purchase each bot separately…

You need to purchase separately.

@Thanu_Matheesha1 , On cloud license…?

On the cloud, you have to purchase only robots. The orchestrator will be free.

@Thanu_Matheesha1 , Thank you.

You are welcome.

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