How many Agents we can create for one license

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We have one UiPath license and now

  1. How many agents can we create in different machines, we are having 150 machines.
  2. Can we schedule the job at the same time on all machines?
  3. If we can, could you please help me in brief.

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This means we can install upto 300 agents on different machines?

Robot Units are for executing robots using UiPath’s virtual machines. Reference: Overview - Service Licensing (

Whereas you have 1 x Unattended License, which allows you to connect 1 x unattended robot PC to UiPath, allowing you to run robots on that 1 PC only.

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Eg: I have 1 production unattended license can i install multiple agents on different machines and can run from orchestrator?

You could install as many agents as you like, but only 1 of them can run robots from Orchestrator. The first agent that you connect to Orchestrator will consume the 1 x Unattended license.

so can’t we run all agents on all machines at a time from orchestrator ?

Nope, not with 1 x unattended license. Refere: Overview - Service Licensing ( Thank you bro enjoy the day!

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