How long UiPath Community Version Will Be Free?

Hi UiPath Team,
I am curious to know how much long UiPath community version will be free.
Because as I can see in at It says that it will expire in 2021
Check below sreenshot

The license will automatically be renewed. There is no plan to charge for the Community license. I can see how this might be misleading.

how come the community edition its free and better than the enterprise studio version ?

The Enterprise version is not better than the Community version. As shown in startrekuniverse’s post, you get a lot more with either Enterprise Cloud or Enterprise Server.

Is the Community Cloud always free version no longer available? When I click on try it free it always takes me to the 60 day version. I dont want to click it, I would like the always free.

Not sure why it’s doing that. You may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Then go to .

The service will likely always be free, especially since the free version uses the preview versions of things UiPath wants to eventually release as non-preview products. Getting free testing from users is a bonus for UiPath.