How logs are shipping into elastic search

Hello Champs.

How logs are shipping into elastic search and DB from the robot machine?
I just want to know what mechanism UiPath is using?

Muthu G

Hi @muthuraman.g,

Below two successive article might help you

also you can explore more documentation under section Configuring the cluster

@ABHIMANYU_THITE1 Thanks for your reply.

Let me simplify my question actually i want to know how the logs are pushing from robot to Orchestrator. We have already setup everything and its working fine. Sometimes what happening logs are available in robot machine but its not pushing to the orchestrator. We are unable to find how logs are pushing and what mechanism UiPath is using. Bcoz this inbuild feature from UiPath there is no such information available about this.


I guess this would help


I just want to know the mechanism which UiPath robot used for shipping the logs to orchestrator.

How logs going from robot machine to orch there should be something which is shipping like in ELK we are using filebeat or logstash


So the logs are inserted into prchestrator db…which is configured here in config file…

Then the orchestrator reada the data from the db


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