How logs are passed from robot to orchestrator 2018.4?


I’ve installed an Orchestrator 2018.4 and I want to know, if a robot is connected and launched, how logs are sent to the orchestrator?
There are logs stocked in local robot machine and sent to the orchestrator every X minutes, or they are sent in live and there are no logs stocked in local robot machine, like in 2017.1 version?

Thanks for your answers



Just put a log message inside a process and run the process and then check the same in Orchestrator -Job> View logs.
Also do kindly elaborate more,how you actually want ?

Yes, so I understand that there are no logs stocked in the robot machine, all are sent to the orchestrator, like in 2017.1, it’s right?

Yes you got it correctly.

No logs resides in bot machine while using log message until you r storing the logs in some other way in bot machine,it will be stored in Orchestrator database though.

Great, thanks!