How is level1 foundation training revamped different from the old one?

Hello folks, I had taken uipath certification till level 3 advanced developer diploma long back. But now when I checked the academy, I can see some new courses introduced. I can see a revamped level1 foundation training which contains almost 156 lessons or so. How is it different from the previous one?? What are the changes/Add-ons ??? Anybody completed both??

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing and couldn’t find the answer anywhere. Anyone know?

Even i am confused with them…
–in older version, in lesson 1 quiz there are 10 questions and in revamped version, 5 questions in the quiz.
– in lesson 2 with older version there are 5 practice exercises, whereas in revamped version there are 2 practical exercises.
– i think if someone need a detailed explanation and in-depth understanding of UiPath with more practical exercises can go with older version.

I think the Difference is the Operating System. On the Revamped they only use windows 10 and speaking to a friend who has done the original training they use windows 7 @UnicornStark When you completed the UiPath Certification was the Operating system on the training Windows 10 or Windows 7???