How is it possible to start the execution from middle or a particular sequence?

I have let’s say three sequence.

Seq1 - for login to web app.
Seq2 - to perform some task
Seq3 - Logout from App

I want to start the robot from Sequence-2 while developing or debugging. I do not want to wait for 1-2 mins which is being performed by Seq1 before coming to Seq2 as I am debugging some thing on Seq2.

Is it possible to start a robot from a a particular sequence without running its prior sequence of activities?

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Login to the web app manually.
In UiPath studio, main.xaml, right click on the seq2. The action menu will be displayed. Select “Set as start node”
Remove connection to the Seq3 from seq2

Save and run the BOT :+1:

its depends upon the way you designed your solution. you can split those sequence as separate .xaml file and execute independently . same time whenever you need you can execute together

Correct. What you have suggested will work for Flowchart type work flow. How about a pure sequential workflow. For example consider the below screen shot. Any idea on how to start the robot execution from Seq2? or it is not feasible for this kind of situation?



You can do this if you use conditions to skip over the sequence, like for example if a part has already been completed. You can detect if that part has been completed by checking certain things, like Element Exists, File Exists, Row item contains a value in a Data Table, et cetera.

Here is an example, if you want to skip the login:

Element Exists of Application window
If element does not exist, then Login again
Perform actions in Application

So simply put, use a condition that will let the process know to skip over a sequence or row item (if certain items have already been completed).

Those were my thoughts.


comment out sequence one until you dont need it.

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@amakundu Right click on the sequences that you don’t want to execute and in the menu that is displayed, select Disable Activity

I’ll also add to this (and it’s something I do which is helpful)…
If use a Switch Box where you can skip over parts by changing the starting index, and keep track of which index you are in during the process
Here is a small sample of what I mean: