How I will make my robot talk to the user and take & give data instead of static values

I want to make my robot talk to me and I will give the inputs through my voice and the robot should recognise that and speak me the output.

See if one of these helps:

Thank you for replying.
i am not able to find Voice enabled RPA-AI in package manager.
Please help

On studio click Home\Settings\Manage Sources and make sure Connect is checked and try again.

see example:

As you said i have done the same but not able to find Voice enabled RPA-AI package from package manager.

Waiting for your response.

Click to download the package and find it in your local drive:

Also read the information on the right side and also download the guide

check for this name:

Thank you for your reply. What I will fill in the properties pannel.IMG_20201119_212846
Waiting for your response…


Check below video which @SenzoD shared

This will helps you


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