How i put this format in a variable

Hello guys i want to put this format in a variable before the selector have to read but i have to put in a variable this format in the selector

I have to compare this amount with my queue, this amount is a salector in table but i have to put in a variable with the same format


You can create one string variable and pass the above mentioned value.


If you are worried about the text not being an exact match, then you don’t have to worry too much about it.

You have the option of tweaking the percentage to which a selector should match a given UI Element, and that option is called Fuzzy Search.

Now what does all of this mean?
It means, you don’t have to worry about the string format, as long as more than 80% of the string matches the expected output.

Try playing around with it first, just to get a feel for it and then try to apply it to your usecase.

You can read more on this by visiting the link provided below →

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Put this amount in a variable called myVar

Then get the selector, and in the attribute that indicates the amount put it the variable you created.

For example attribute = ‘{{myVar}}’

In case your variable doesnt contain $, in selector put this ‘?{{myVar}}’

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