How I extract cell which contains floating value

I want value of cell D15 …so I use read cell activity to read…but it gives error
Value of D15 = €289.24
I want this value into string…so firstly at the output of read cell which data type I have to set

what’s the error?

Hi @rutuja.y ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At the output of the read cell activity, i suggest you to put a genericvalue type.
Once you get your generic value, you can convert it however you want:

  • Double my_double = Cdbl(my_generic_value.tostring.replace("€","").replace(" ","")) to convert it to double but don’t forget to remove “€” (and remove blanks, for this not sure if necessary)
  • String my_string = my_gen_value.tostring to convert it to string

Let us know if it does not work !

Thanks ,by using generic it works fine😊

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