How I can set the "reference fields" when i use "Upload items" feature on the WebSite at the queue level


I’m wondering how i can set the “reference” field when I use the “upload items” feature at the queue level on the website.(the feature to feeds the queue with a csv)


By using the “add queue items” activity i’m able to set this field without any issue, however over the website i’m can’t make it…

Anyone know how i can do it ?

thanks in advance

This is perhaps a bit late. But I was just looking for the answer to the same question and found the solution. Perhaps others can benefit from it :slight_smile:

My CSV-files looks like this:

Company 1,C:\UIPathRobUA_Services\Companies\Company 1,Comapny1 Reference

First row has column names (Company,ProcessPath,Reference)
Second row has the corresponding data.

So the trick is to add the “Reference” column name somewhere in your CSV-file and then add the data for the reference in the correct order.


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