How I Can set a command "Wait for human interaction"?

Hello Guys!

One question:

I have one sequence in flowchart, between some steps, I need choice a option in a system. I need one acticity that wait for a user select one option and set on a system.

They have one ideia that how I can made it?

Thank you!


From the design tab you can use the “User events” to monitor what the user does. For example, try selecting “On click Element” and after that select the element you want to monitor. A monitor events activity will be created. When you execute the click, the “Event handler” sequence will execute.

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Hello @Tudor_Bestea.

In this case, I need that a pause in my process, and this pause will be active yet a computer user (human), choice a option in a system.

What do u think?


The system will be paused until the human user does one of the monitored events.


Ok! I’ll try!

I can’t made it!

You can help me?

Show me a example if is possible, please!

MonitorActionsExample.xaml (7.2 KB)

This example workflow opens YouTube with Internet Explorer. When a human user presses the search button, A message box appears.
Hope this is useful


thank you very much for the support!