How i can select drop down button perform operation

Capture1 hi in this image i have to click on (…) this option and then i have to click on export /print option. please help me with this.

Hi ,

You can go with ‘Select Item’ activity and Select desired option. (If there is a valid DOM object to select the value)

If you get this list by hovering/clicking on (…) then use ‘Hover’/‘Click’ activity and pass the Selector for (…) element and Press F2 for pause and manually perform the same. Hence, you will get the desired list and just use ‘Click’ activity to select Export/Print option by passing the Selector for the same element.

If it’s in a Citrix environment then just use Click on the image for (…) option and then press F2 and then Click on the image Export/Print option.
[Please take care of Scalability and Accuracy properties]