How I can repeat a job

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For example, I’m trying to do mark all mails as Read in Gmail. Unfortunately gmail allows me to mark only 50 mails at a time. I have created a process to just select the unread mails and mark it as read. It is working fine. But how I can repeat the process till it end.

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So that activity has an option to only get the top unread e-mails. So just loop through it using a Do While Activity. While # of emails is greater than 0 then keep reading emails.



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Simple buddy
use a GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity where enable
Mark as Read and onlyunreadmessage properties

Then in TOP property mention as int32.MaxValue
This will fetch all the mails

Cheers @Abhilash_L

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Thanks brother… I’ll try that.

Thanks brother… I’ll try that and check it…