How I can copy or move the pdf file in Citrix environment to local Machine

Hello everyone, I need important help if anyone can suggest to me how I can move or copy the file from the Citrix environment to my local machine.
It will be a great help


Is your local machine accessible from citrix environment?

If yes, you can use Move activity of uipath.
If not, you can send an email to local machine by attaching a pdf.

Thanks, Buy my local machine is not accessible from Citrix
and there are many files so sending an email will not good.
is there any other solution?


Do not send one file after one, zip that folder and send it at one go.
You can also use sharepoint or cloud to store files.

Depaning on the citrix server configuration maybe you can copy and paste a file directly from Citrix. What I mean by that is, select the file(s) you want in Citrix, right click-copy or Ctrl+C, move to the folder you want in your local machine, and right click-paste or Ctrl+V. I haven’t tried it before but it should work.

Yes thats good, but will not work for me. Can you help me with anything like i can get access to local machine in citrix

Yes tried but not working


You will have to reach out to infra team which manage this citrix environment like giving access, installing new software etc.