How i can Connect External Application to UI path

I want to Connect External Application to Ui path To start the process on Based of User Need.

“grant_type”: “refresh_token”,
“client_id”: “Your Client ID”,
“refresh_token”: “Your Referesh Token”

But the Refresh Token is Getting Refreshed Every 24 hours

is there any other way so i can connect without adding refresh token again an again to my api call.

We are Using Joget as external Application.

and below is the Process i am using :

Here is a great step by step:
(1) How to start UiPath Job through API | LinkedIn
I suggest following the suggestion to make it work in Postman first so you know you have all the data figured out before implementing that in your remote application.
Another way to look at that is: can the application write a queue item in Orchestrator (via API)? You could start the automation from that trigger as well. Same for email triggers (have the app send an e-mail with specific content that you can use to trigger your automation).
Hopefully this helps!

Your external application should be using the /api/Account/Authenticate method to get back an authentication token to then use in subsequent calls.