How I can click on matrix row number in SAP Business one


I am doing autmation of SAP Business One
on GRPO page I have to double click on the matrix row number, and this click will be on every row one by one depending on how many Items are available in the matrix

please advise

Hi @gangwar.ritu1

Can you indicate 1 in uiexplorer and show us what the selectors coming… thanks

I am using CV activities as normal activities are capturing the whole screen

from UI

Explorer I have following data mentioned in screenshot

could you please reply fast, I need urgent help

Hi @gangwar.ritu1

Can you analyze thatanything comes from visual tree as i could not find any thing in the selector window… thanks

that why I am saying I am using CV activities in SAP because normal activities are not working in my case please check below link

Hi @gangwar.ritu1

If the row numbers are small (1-10 so fuzzy OCR doesn’t come in to play) I would like to suggest using an Extract Table to understand how many rows you have and afterwards having a foreach row and Click activity based on the row number as variable in the CV Descriptor Target and as an Anchor set the “#” text. The anchor mechanism should be flexible enough that all the clicks are done correctly based on the target as the first cell as location and a variable text based on row index.

could you please share one example, it is difficult for me to understand in words

I’m having the same problem. Please, could someone answer give an example of this? Thanks!

@sbotan or @prasath_S

HI @stefano_negro

You have a bunch of experience (years!) in automating of SAP Business One, would you be able to share some examples with @IvanOaks

Thanks, Lev

Hi @IvanOaks and @LevKushnir

Here’s my suggestion to approach the issue:

  • Use screen scrape wizard to extract all the readable data
  • Use “Text Click” capability to let the robot click on the relevant row number
  • If the row is not visible, you can use “Click Image” to click on the Down arrow and perform a new screen scrape, until the relevant row is found.

You can check this blog post to see some suggestions on the approach.

At your disposal if you have more questions.

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