How highlight entire text instead of just border?

Hi all! i have a use case where i have to highlight a text in web page. the highlight activity only highlights the border whereas I want to highlight the entire text like we do using marker in real life. any solution?

This is not possible with any built-in uipath activities. Any reason why the box around the text is insufficient for your needs in this process? You could also use a callout box if needed.

Another workaround (not the same as highlighting) is to use hover activities combined with click activities to click + drag text on a website

that activity is only visual, why would you really need to change the appearance of the text in a web page? but if you really want to, you would have to dig into the inject js activity:


@bcorrea Just guessing, but this would likely be for an attended robot

has to be, or no one would be visualizing anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i mean i would inject javascript to make visual changes to the elements css attributes and make them look the way i needed…

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because I have to get a screenshot of the web page and highlighting specific text for the end user convenience.

yes it is

well to be honest if you are not very experienced with uipath and javascript, this could be a cumbersome task, maybe not worth it…

well I will give a try anyways thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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good luck and please come back with the results <3

@kishore.shetty If you need it to be highlighted, then the inject js activity is the way to go as @bcorrea mentioned. I personally think the highlight activities should be sufficient for your needs, have you verified with your end users that it will be unacceptable?

If they say highlight activity is unacceptable, maybe try using the callout activity? Put it in a parallel activity scope. On the left use callout activity with a timeout of ~1000 milliseconds and on the right side use a take screenshot activity.

Based on your use case it seems like that’d be acceptable


yes I’m trying them out. thank you