How go merge the folder's file

hello team ,
i am making a process in that i need to first merge the folder’s that is located at different path and i need to merge them in that way so that my second excel all details will be seen in the first excel as per each emp 's and i m not able to find how to do
can anyone help?
Analytics and AI(2).xlsx (429.8 KB)

Analytics and AI(1) (3).xlsx (430.0 KB)


Hi @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay ,

Isn’t this case similar to the one that was previously asked and solved ? Is there a difference between the previous task and this one ?

Below is the Solved Post :

Do let us know what exactly is required or what is the difficulty and maybe also provide us with an Expected Output for the Input files provided.

Although I do think that the Solution in the above post is already the answer.

no this isn’t same in previous ca
Main.xaml (15.7 KB)
se i just need to merge the file but in this case my excel file are located at different folder’s path and i need to fetch the specific file from both of the folders and merge them as in both the folder’s i have two excel’s files with different name and in each excel in have sub sheets and need to merge the sheets too but before that i need to merge the excels i.e is located at different folder’s paths .

I have done this but with this my 2 excels that is located in same path are merging as i dont want to merge them i need to merge excels of same contend with different path

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Creating a third folder say Final, suppose you have excel files in folders named f1, f2 in a directory input.
You can use:

  1. f"or each folder in folder" activity in input directory,
  2. then “for each file in folder” on f1,f2…respectively,
  3. then get current file name and use read range activity to read spreadsheet.

You can filter file/folder to read while using “for each file/folder in folder” activity to only read xlsx files.

Analytics and AI(1) (3).xlsx (430.0 KB)
Uploading: Analytics and AI(2) (10).xlsx…
sorry to say but i didn’t got your point .
Bizops(1) (5).xlsx (335.1 KB)

Bizops(2) (5).xlsx (335.2 KB)
see i have these excels and analy 1and biz1 are located at folder 1
and analy2 and biz2 are located at folder 2

i need to merge merge analy1 and analy2 and biz 1 and biz 2

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Your requirement is read all sheets from all excel files which are in different folders and append all rows from sheet one after another?

yes this is what iwanna do as per each sheet in each excel!

Hi please see below for reference:
Main.xaml (15.0 KB)

You need to take care of avoid reading all folder by first loop, you can filter it by folder name where your excel files are stored.

this process is throwing me an error
Merge Data Table: .Name and .Name have conflicting properties: DataType property mismatch.

resolved this one

but now i m getting another error
Merge Data Table: Input string was not in a correct format.Couldn’t store <9h 00m> in Expected Hours Column. Expected type is Int32.

as i have already given int32 only

Instead of merge, can you please check looping on dt and add data row to final dt using currentrow.itemArray to array row property of add data row?

i didn’t got you could you explain a bit more .

Instead of merge datatable use this:

Add Data Row: Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.

this is throwing me an error .

in your finalDT, while builing, have you given column names same as your sheet?

Main.xaml (16.8 KB)
yes !

Instead of build datatable, use read range for any sheet of your spreadsheets and save it to mydt.
Assign finaldt=mydt.Clone

Please check does it solve the issue?

no that i still throwing me the same error

Then run it in debug mode and check what is coming in CurrentRow and for which sheet it is throwing error or is it throwing from starting.

it is throwing me an error for add data row