How get specific value from an excel sheet (part 3) included my working example, pls advise

I have attached my working file. The goal is to obtain this number at the end of the excel sheet:

The robot has been able to successfully read excel range, filter the data-table and output the row containing the desired information. However, how EXACTLY do I get the desired number? I need this desired number to be acquired as a variable to be written into another document.


Appreciate all solutions to have step by step instructions from start to finish, because I am still a noob :slight_smile:
Test get excel (5.1 KB)

Hey @Chaaza,

You can use lookup datatable to get the row index where the value is “Value released to date” one you will get the row index using that you can get the “2163214” using
–with a ASSIGN activity like this
str_output = Datatable.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex)
str_output = Datatable.Rows(rowindex)(“columnname”)


Get value attempt 1.xaml (9.1 KB)

after read range just do

which will give you this

dtRawData.Rows(dtRawData.RowCount-1) gives you the last dataRow
and (“Column2”) gives you the amount column
so combine them and you get amount of last row

Dear Jack,

thanks for the prompt solution. Unfortunately I get this error when i try to get the amount with a write line:


How do I fix this?

Replace RowCount with Rows.Count @Chaaza

Thanks Jack.Chan that worked!

However it is stange how the singular term RowCount works for 1 laptop (with latest ver of Studio), but for another laptop (with 2020 ver), i had to use the plural term row.counts to get it working.

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yes it depends on the version . newer version allows rowCount , old version only allows rows.Count

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