How fill and send a datatable templated mail in body

Hey everyone,

I have a sample DT which i want to fill and send as a dt in mail body.

(this is in mail body)

there are 3 datatables and I want to fill each from 3 different excel documents. I filter those documents and I want to write the output on these datatables and send in mail body.

Any idea how? I am clueless on how to do this.
Thank you,

Hi @jntrk,

By the way if you want to do this operation you need to perform following steps. Assuming SampleDT is excel sheet:

a. Read range from 3 excel suppose(dt1, dt2 & dt3)
b. Use Append line activity and code accordingly in order to provide this datatable format in mail.(Use for each row and other activities as per your feasibility)
c. Use outlook mail activity(or whichever preferable)

I believe that’ll help you out. If you could share code or screen I guess, then it’ll be more lucid.