How File Change trigger work and it's logic

I am using a file change trigger in trigger scope to monitor a folder like c:\user\desktop\MonitorMe, this will monitor any file created and delete inside the folder. And I found out some issue and may wanna to how File Change trigger work and find the reason of the issue.

First issue:
Monitoring a share folder(process is running), but some moment the network disconnected and reconnect after 30 mins. The process did not showed any error on the network disconnected and no more monitoring the folder after reconnect network.

Second issue (should be a question):
Monitor a local folder, the process still monitor correct folder even the folder name is updated after the process started and args.FileChangeInfo.FullPath always showing the old path. If I delete the folder and create a folder with same folder name again, the monitor function not working but without any error message.

Could someone explain the logic on the activity and reason for the issues?


Check out this Tutorial


Hi @Gokul001

Thank you for your reply. However, I am able to use the file change trigger but there are some issue on the activity not working properly and cannot prompt error to let use know.

Can you share the screenshot