How end users can execute Attended Robot that is installed in a Virtual Machine (named license)

Hi all,

We have installed the Studio and the Robot in a Virtual Machine just prepared for the robot, where we developed our process.
Now, we published the robot in this environment (local UiPath Robot App - .nupkg) and we are facing some troubles when we try to execute the robot using the end users credential.

I mean, the end users can access the server with his own credential, they can see the UiPath Robot app and the process already published, but when they try to run they got the message related to the license key.

Is it possible that the end users execute this robot, considering that the license’ robot is “attended named user” and the robot is in a specific VM? If yes, how can we do this?

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:


The fact that you are using a VM should not matter. I haven’t explicitly used Attended Robot in a VM, but I have used a Developer/Studio Robot which is considered Attended for Studio Development as well as a Unattended/Nonproduction robot without issue.

Are you using Orchestrator or a stand alone Robot Service?
If you have Orchestrator is the Studio/Robot licensed through Orchestrator or is it a standalone named license?
Can you provide the full error message?

this license cant be used by more than one person, named user is just for one user…

It’ll depend on the setup. If Studio is activated externally on a VM, it is activate for all users on that machine. Of course each user would need to have a licensed Robot record in Orchestrator if the Studio/Robot is connected to Orchestrator.

But if the Robot record is setup for a Studio/Development robot, there should be no issue for the specific user, they should be able to actively use studio and initiated processes in their Robot tray.

At least that has been my experience where we have a mix of machines setup. (I’m coming from 2018.3 in the middle of upgrading to 2019.10, but so far we haven’t had to reconfigure anything)

  • Machine (VM) with 1 Robot (Unattended and NonProduction)
  • Machine (VM) configured for High Density with >2 Robots (Unattended and NonProduction), bumped up runtimes.
  • Machine (VM) Studio Activated locally and multiple Robots (Studio/Development) - ~10 active users
  • Machine (Physical) with Floating Robot (Studio/Development)

Based on the information provided so far, it sounds like it would be similar to the last 2.

in this particular case, she is saying always in a singular fashion “the robot”, so i have to assume she has only one robot that she is trying to share with more than one user, so it is not supported scenario for an attended named user robot license…

Yeah, I understand that to be the case too. But if the same user is connecting to the remote VM and that Attended Robot is allocated to that User/Machine combination, then I don’t see an issue with the setup other than Studio might not like it (not sure if it just wouldn’t work or if it would give a disclaimer about the intended usage like you see when running Studio with a Robot Service licensed with an unattended Robot).

I’m interested to get clarification and find out though!


Tks for contributing guys!! Sorry my delay but it is still on time, I am still working on this robot. This robot is standalone (not using Orchestrator)

So, we realize that in this case the end users can access the VM but they can just run the robot with the credential used to develop the robot. I mean, if they login the VM with his own credentials they cannot run the robot, but, if they use the credentials of the robot they can run. And it become a kind of problem: how to know who has run the robot, as they need to use the generic credential (robot credential) to run. The spectacular solution would be they access the VM with their credentials and can run the robot, but it is not working.

Hey Aline,

I am having a same requirement where multiple users needs to run an attended bot and we need to know which user has executed the bot.
By any chance do you have the workaround to adjust the attended solution with single license and multiple users executing it?

To identify which user running robot.
In the initial stage of process, add one more log mentioned below to identify user name.

Log - system.Environment.UserName.ToString

Old thread… but based on your description it sounds like you have installed Robot/Studio in User Mode which means the installation is under the User’s Folder opposed to a Machine/System install which would install to Program Files for all users on the machine.

In terms of licensing, Named license is intended to be used by a specific user and I am not familiar with the newer licensing model if they have a concurrent license for stand alone robots.