How does unattend Robot work

Hi all,

I have an Enterprise version for Orchestrator with 1 unattended bot configured. All this is configured using a local admin user login. Now the clients wants to change the server to a domain user and login using domain user.

Just wanted to know will my orchestrator and robot work fine if I change to domain user. Currently the bot is defined as local admin user in Orchestrator.

Apologize for such question as it is my first implementation and I am not much sure on the implementation concept.


Yes it will work with Domain users as well.

Hey @mohammedamaan

It should not be a problem… :slightly_smiling_face:

In that case I believe I’ll have to unregister the robot as a local admin user and register it with domain user credentials. Right?

Yes we can change the user and it’s login details along robot tab in the orchestrator

To mention the domain user m, in your machine cmd window type the command as whoami which will give you the domain and username details where update the same in the robots tab in orchestrator and mention the login password as well

Cheers @mohammedamaan