How does UiPath licence to a company works?

Hey everyone,

I want to know more about getting the UiPath Licence as a business and integration of Uipath to the companies system.

Lets say I have a company with its own network and system, how does Uipath integrate itself to this system and can I learn the steps of this “integration”…

And what are the licencing steps? Do I buy seperate licences for studio, orchestrator and robots?

I appreciate everybit of help, thank you.

Hi @jntrk !
According to my own experience:
there are seperate licences for studio, orchestrator and robots, to have a contact with the sales and the pricing you can contact them from here.
To learn the integration in the system technically speaking (database, logs, webapp, config etc) step by step, in UiPath Academy go to “Learning by role”

then the following course will help you:

About the requirements:
For Orchestrator: hardware and software and the installation
For UiPath Studio: here
For the robot (the computer where the jobs will be running): here

There are other products of UiPath, but I suppose that you are only interested by UiPath Studio-Robot-Orchestrator trio ?