How does uipath integrate with existing IT infrastructure

Hey guys is there documentation out there which addresses how uipath works alongside current IT infrastructure?
thank you

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Hi Ingrid, I’m not sure if you are looking for a specific document, but here you have our documentation portal: Each component has installation and SW & HW requirements. Hope it helps!

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Thanks but that did’t provide much help. I found tons of everything else except what I needed. All I want is a document that describes how uipath sits alongside existing infrastructure.

Hi @IngridJB

Would it be fair to rephrase your question as:
“How can I integrate/install UiPath applications within my currently existing infrastructure?”

If yes, then the documentation contains all the information required to install Studio, Robots and Orchestrator with all required dependencies.

I suppose it would be easier to answer if you could provide more information about your infrastructure and your worries.

What I want to relay to the client is that they don’t have to gut their current infrastructure to make room for UiPath, so yes I guess the way you rephrased my question is correct. the documents I read just tells me how to install uipath

Therefore, I would assume all you need to know is the software and hardware requirements to install each component.
Studio and Robot should not be an issue, as they can be installed and functional on wide range of environments. Orchestrator is the only component that requires more specific dependencies.

With those specs, you should be able to easily tell if the specs of your client’s environment are a match.




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Thank you!

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When I did read your question I was unsure if I got you, so I was reserved to answer.
All things mentioned by @loginerror are important.

What I can tell from our projects then on next stage we are balancing out on how other topics can be taken into account e.g. Monitoring (Nagios…), Inventory Tools, attached Systems, Housekeeping etc.

For this a look to
Orchestrator Rest API

Reports / Kibana

and a few topics more

This is also very helpful thank you!!

Hello Ingrid,
In the first video, you will see how Use Orchestrator Webhooks in Power Automate:

In the second video you can see how I use the Slack Webhooks to communicate with UiPath:

and for integration with Jenkins for example check this Groovy script:

Cristian Negulescu