How does Uipath handle Complex Excel files?

How does Uipath handle Complex Excel files?

File has filters.
Cells are merged
There number of headers and sub headers.

How do i retrieve data from excel file this?
Please help. Its urgent.

Depends on what data you want. Is the data in a fixed range? I can see some fixed values in the screenshot. Or do you want to copy the data below row 25? Which is subject to the filters?

I would require few data from above cells few from the end.
Also the cells are merged, say i want a data (which is in A1 : J1).
I tried this, but write line is blank, means nothing is fetched in the data table DT.

Hi @Mallika

Could you try giving range as two quotes: ""?

tried , but see write line gives blank.

You need to use an Output Data Table activity to convert your Data Table into 1 string. And that string can then be output to the console.