How does the license key look like and can I use a license key from a different account

I need to download Uipath again but cannot enter the account which was used to download it with. The company that downloaded it and thus created an account on Uipath give me a License key for the enterprise edition but Uipath does not recognize is. Is it because I downloaded Uipath with a different account or did I misinterpreted the key they gave me? The key I have is a string starting with User and ending with many digits. Is the key digits only? And is there a space included in the key.

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Hi Oscar,

Herewith attached a link to useful documentation:

Besides that,

Connecting with license key (‘Add License Key’)
Usual format for license key (digits only):

Connecting via Orchestrator (‘Acquire License Key’)
Usual format for machine key (both digits and letters are possible):

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