How does StudioX treat files added to a folder during execution of its "For each file in a folder"


A question on when StudioX collects the “list of files” in a folder when executing a “For Each file in a Folder” Scenario.

Background: I have an attended Bot, that when executed, uses a “For each File in a Folder” activity to gather its source material. This is a common folder on a network drive with files being dropped in there by users randomly throughout the day. The BOT is kicked off a couple of times a day and takes from 5 mins to 5 hours to execute depending on what there is to process. When it is finished with each file it moves it to a completed folder.

My question is, when executing the BOT, at what stage does / should StudioX monitor the “files in a folder”. It seems to be only when it First scans the folder during the first iteration. For instance at time of initial execution there is, say, 5 files in the folder. While the BOT is working through the 1st file a user adds a 6th file to the folder. This 6th file appears to be ignored in the execution and the BOT completes when the 5th file is processed, even though there are more files in the folder while it is executing.

Any ideas? Is there something in the properties tab I need to change??

I would have thought that each time it gets to the start of the For each File iteration it would check to see if there any files to process and carry on until the folder is empty. For various reasons I cant yet make this an unattended robot, which would resolve this timing issue.

thanks for any tips etc

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Hi @murray.trim
When executing a “For Each file in a Folder”, it grabs all the files from the folder and executes the activities inside the “For Each file in a Folder” activity. Therefore, if you add any new file in between the execution, then it won’t get added in the current execution.

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@sangeethaneelavannan1 thanks for the confirmation

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