How does Start Job effect the Original Job

I am working on an automation that is a long process of about 4-5 different sub processes. The plan is that once Task A is complete, right before the end I’ll use a “Start Job” activity to start process B and so on for the rest…

When the Start Job Activity runs and the next process B starts up, does process A stay open and active? or does it then end once the Start Job has been sent?

Job A stays open until completed or until an error is thrown, so if you want to stop job A at that point, you’ll want to get the job to reach a state where it ends.

So as long as there is no error with the Start Job process it will start proccess B and then Process A will end?

It’d look like this pretty much.

Start Job (Process B)

Yes, as long as starting process B is the last thing you do in process A. If there is more for process A to do, it will continue.