How does one copy variable definitions between projects

Is it possible to copy one or more variable definitions form the variables pane in one project to another project? If so, how?


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No, it is not possible to copy variables directly and/or individually like you describe. What you can do at the moment is this:

  1. Copy a sequence or flowchart from the source project into the other project;
  2. Ensure it is selected inside the new project and Promote to Global Scope from the Manage Variables menu;
  3. Delete the copied part.

This action moves all variables from the selected scope into the outermost scope. If you’d like more precision, you could always make a suggestion in the #ideas category.

Hi b4bbler,

To copy variable from one “XAML” file to another, open that xaml file using notepad. XAML are basically XML files. Now go to “<Sequence.Variables>” tag. There you can find all the variable that belongs to that xaml file. Simply copy/paste “<Variable>” tags from one xaml to another. Save and then click “Refresh” from “Project” panel of UiPath studio. :slightly_smiling_face:


How does this work exactly? Do you use a macro or something? I have 50-100 variables which need to be copied from one project to another.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @sfranzen,

what can I do, when the variables are already declared in Global Scope within the project from which I want to copy?

Additionally, I need to copy from a “regular” flowchart (Main) to a state machine (Main). Is there anything special to consider?

Your response is highly appreciated :slight_smile: