How does bot run in background or when I am on alt-tab?

How does bot run in background or when I am on alt-tab ? for example I will just leave the bot processing my desktop app while I was doing facebook on my chrome. What is the technique to that where the bot cant be disturb? Thanks.

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Hi @Jelrey,

This question is a good one and difficult to answer completely too.

I mean, it depends on the applications your automation uses.


  1. If your application uses click and type into activities, try using the simulate or Windows Messages property. If you use the default one, there will be conflict as the mouse is moved to the element.

  2. Now let’s say that your automation does some processing involving an excel file, if possible use the activities in the Workbook. Because, when manipulating a file using Excel Application Scope, Excel is opened and then immediately closed, being another possible conflict.

  3. Thinking about an automation that downloads a file through the browser. It may be that your browser is configured to ask where the file should be saved, causing the UI to appear and causing a possible conflict. So here, you should configure your browser or even consider downloading it in another way, making an API call, for example.

So, as I mentioned before… it dependes on what your automation does.

What I advise is to look at the PiP functionality, I don’t know if it is still in the experimental phase, but it is a very nice feature that UiPath launched recently.

I think that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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