How does attach browser affect selectors?



I have a workflow setup where I start a lot of browsers in a parallel, and then later on attach them (again in a parallel activity). Occasionally when I run this workflow this results in a system exception with the message:

Job x stopped due to unexpected process termination!

I am suspecting this has something to do with selectors conflicting with eachother (as some of the pages are for all selector purposes identical) resulting in a concurrency issue (despite me not closing the browser).

So my question is how does the attach browser activity affect selectors nested within it?
As a side note I may be able to fix it using the pID of the browsers. And since we have access to parallel work flows, can we also get activities that can lock resources, so we can deal with concurrency issues in a neat way?


Check the chapter 5,6,7,8 (in UI automation) from the training materials: UiPath Training Materials