How do you usually handle input/output data

Hello all,
I’m very new to the UiPath platform, and I come from a HP QTP/UFT and Worksoft Certify environment, so I’m used to handle my automated tests/processes data either on a shared folder as a excel file where I read from and write to (UFT), and recordsets (Certify).

In UiPath, how do you usually handle input/output data?

Thanks in advance!

can you please give more details?
what type of data you want to handle.
For storing credentials, simple data (numbers, strings) ->Orchestrator Assets are used in UIPath
For storing files, you can use shared folders (on network) and access the same with the UIPath available activities.

Karthik Byggari

I might be looking for that “Orchestrator Assets”… I’m very new to the tool, so, I’m still only looking into Design Studio. But after going forward in the training, I can see that I can use CSV files in a shared folder, similar to what I did with Excel files in HP UFT.


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