How do you use the "Set" field type in Document Understanding?

I have a form that I want to extract answers for a multiple choice question (e.g. what is your race, and you check a box out of several options). From reading about the Set field type, this should be exactly how to extract it. But it’s very unclear how to actually go about defining the Set field in the Template Manager. Can someone provide insight to this?

@ben83 - Here is my set setup…

Regex Extractor Setup…

RegEx Code: Assuming any one of the field get checked…

Validation Station…You can see if is nicely selected the other

Please check this video for reference…

This is helpful, thanks.

Do you know either:

  1. How to do this with the Form Extractor, or
  2. How to do regex with a checkbox (e.g. this is the text that is shown: ☒ U.S. Citizen)

Hi …@ben83 …Actually kind of both…

When you are in Form extractor - manage templates - click edit and choose the A which will show the form as text…copy the text to notepad/notepad++ first.


This is the source for your regex operations…if you dont have any confidential information if you could share the text, I will try writing the regex for you.

e.g. this is the text that is shown: ☒ U.S. Citizen ==> It should be more than one option right…??

Here is an example of how the text comes in with UiPath:

  1. Applicant Is:

☒ U.S. Citizen

☐ *Non-Citizen National

☐ *Resident Alien (I-551)

☐ *Refugee or Other

When I copy/paste the checkbox, it comes in as a question mark, so it must not be supported in the Regex window.

@ben83 - I am not sure is this how text appears?? without seeing the original text I can’t write the regex Sorry. At least provide the screenshot of the text file showing these checkboxes…

It is strange, but that’s how it is being interpretted!

@ben83 - Here you go…this is the regex you have to use in the regex based extractor…

Pattern: new 1.txt (142 Bytes)

Follow this steps carefully, If not Regex based extractor thrown an error(There is bug):

DO NOT CLICK on the Edit

on the Regex Extractor. Just copy paste the pattern(I have provided the pattern in the text file for you) as shown in the below sample:

To make sure, this regex is working…i have entered all the correct boxes as is…This proves that the regex is working when all the checkboxes are checked(I know this is not an ideal situation)

Hope this helps…

In the pattern I have provided, in that whatever within the brackets should exactly match you “Set” values in Taxonomy Manager. if not, it won’t work.

Thank you! That’s working for me now. The checkboxes are allowed in the regex line, just not in the Test Text part at the top.

Appreciate the fast responses!

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