How do you use the or regex in a selector?

This is my set of original selectors:

> <webctrl css selector='body&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div' omit:parentid='listItemContainer39' tag='DIV' aaname='a classng-binding href?gotoUrl=profile/3* a ' />

But for aaname the profile/3* could also start with a 2 instead of a 3. So i tried this, but it caused my program to crash:

<webctrl matching:aaname=‘regex’ aaname='(a classng-binding href?gotoUrl=profile/3 a )|(a classng-binding href?gotoUrl=profile/2 a )’ css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div’ omit:parentid=‘listItemContainer39’ tag=‘DIV’ /**>

How do i properly use the or here?


can you try the following?

aaname='a classng-binding href\?gotoUrl=profile/[23].*'