How do you select from to while booking a ticket

How do you select ‘from’ ‘to’ while booking a ticket.
For example when you type something into ‘From’ field, it brings nearest possible matches like a drop down.How do you select the one nearest in value to your typed word.

The portal I am trying to automate booking a ticket is

Any help is appreciated.

Can’t you just type the thing that you want and go on to the next filed you want to type into?

If you want to select the first value itself, sending a hot key enter will select the first value or if you want the second one, send the hot key as down arrow and enter

Hope this helps :slight_smile: and if you want to enter the full text,you can use type into

When you try to automate for a series of trips this will be an issue.
For example:
My first trip will be form Madurai to Hyderabad. When you type ‘Hyderabad’ it will give possible destinations like drop dwons like ‘Hyderabad Airport’, ‘Hyderabad central’, Secunderabad ETC… Similarly for other cities. It will not proceed until you select one of them.

Ignore…I found out a way :slight_smile:

So, you have all the data. Why don’t you read the entire excel and write the full data in the required fields and do your task @Sunder_710

read entire data and loop through for each row and you will get the row value as


You should post your solution and mark it as correct in case someone else has a similar problem.

I put a “Click” on the date field. And then put a second “Click” to select the date after a delay of 2 seconds. That did the trick.

I entered FROM and TO values and selected journey date then I pressed check availability it shows “please select start process”
May I know what is the pronlem

Can you let us know the exact error or more details about the process you are following?
May be the from and to address you are providing are not acceptable and passing null to the form

It showing like below message box

Yeah, got it @Saivirat , the issue here is, you are entering the data manually which gives you the above error in the APSRTC site :rofl: . If you try the same manually, it will give you the same error.

the solutions are :

  1. You need to select the value from the list it shows below


  1. After entering the full name, send the hot key TAB which will choose from the list.

Let me know if this works