How do you open MS Access file Sample.accdb using Open Application Activity?

I am trying to open a specific MS Access application using Open Application activity. But it is always opening MS Access default application and not the file which I passed as argument. Also is there any application scope activity for MS Access?

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You need to put something similar in your argument property

“/ro ““C:\Temp\CASS.accdb”””

Note this command switch is for Read Only so you may need to play around with available switches to get your desired outcome


Thank you Andrew, it worked for me.


In my opinion the best aproach for using al MS suit is open the .exe application and then use hotkeys to navigate open. MS Suit gives alot of short cuts. You can see all of them pressing Alt then some letters appears in the interface that help you navigate. I would give you the short cut for opening a file but it depends on the language :slight_smile:

I wish it helps