How do you multiply a filtered excel file?


I do hope someone can help me with my problem. I have an excel file where I have to filter a certain column (say for example, Fruit). After filtering it by Fruit, all the fruits should be created separate file. Say for example, after filtering it, I have values Orange, Apple and Banana. I have to create separate excel file for each fruits. Any suggestions on how to execute this? Thanks!

Buddy @caduque

Kindly follow the below steps to resolve your issue

  1. Read the available excel file with you using Excel application scope
  2. get the values of the column by read range activity
  3. use select method to filter the datatable from read range activity or use filter datatable activitiy
  4. inside the for each row loop, use a if condition to check the value you want to compare
  5. if it matches, here comes the solution for your query
  6. JUST USE EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE within the already existing excel application scope. You will be mentioning the path as input, if the path exists it will search for the one or it will create a new excel file (as you want)
  7. thats all buddy then you can the enter the data to the excel with write range or write cell

hope this would help you