How do you get the subject of an email if its been replied to in an emial chain?

I currently have a GET IMAP Mail Messages followed by a foreach loop to loop through the emails, however the emails have been replied to so if I do .subject it will not give me the original subject but instead the reply email’s subject.How do i get the original email’s subject?

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I can see that you are using Get IMAP mail message and the store it in a variable,
then use for Each loop and sending a reply Message, here for subject field try as currentmail.subject

V Vasanth Kumar

Hi, thanks for replying , I have tried that method however it only gives me the subject of the email which has replied to my email and not the subject of the email that is being replid to.

in the filter you can use the below filter which matches your subject exactly
“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" = ‘Your Subject’"

But how do I get the subject in a loop when its been replied to, as the get IMAP MAIL MESSAGES only reads the reply email and not the replied to