How do you get an Orchestrator webhook to send a teams notification?

Orchestrator webhook is not sending data to Microsoft teams.
The steps I have taken are listed below.
I have configured a teams channel to send alerts by orchestrator webhook, teams supplied me with a URL.
I copied the URL from teams.
I pasted that URL in the webhook interface on orchestrator.
I selected some options, the option I chose is to send information whenever a queue has been created or deleted.
I created a queue and deleted it and no data was being sent.
I feel like I have done all the obvious steps to send the alert but still no alert is being sent.
Is there a way I can see what json is being sent and is there a way to modify the json body orchestrator is sending out?

Anything helps!

Hi @TheAutomater

Give a try using a different webhook URL.

Access, it will generate a unique URL that you can use for tests purposes.

You will be able to monitor any requests to the generated URL.

Hi @TheAutomater

It seems u cannot directly get the json, well u can trigger the in such a way message is sent to team upon the respective events being occured.

To get body of events details u had to use a webserver and then use that webserver to sent message to team

I had tried also the same for sending orchestrator events to telegram by creating a python webserver using flask.

Here u can provide the url of python webserver in orchestrator webhook , whenever any event happens, the orchestrator sent the event details in json to webserver , where u can parse the details and sent it to ms team via using python



You can see the my project implemenation regarding telegram notification of Orchestrator using same concepts

Hope it helps

Nived N
Happy Automation

Thank you for your response. This does return the json, from this website do you know how I can get the results posted to microsoft teams?

Thank you for your response. I will do some testing and give you an update shortly

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