How do you deal with linkedin dynamic selectors?

Hi guys,

How do you deal with linkedin dynamic button ember31, ember88, ember56, ect… They all change at page refresh

I managed to deal with the connect button but the most difficult one to grab each time is the "more"button when the connect button is not available

I tried to find other selectors with no success.

OCR image click is an interesting feature in Uipath but from my experience it works for while and you get an error for some reasons…

What is the best approach with this ? Hope to get feedback from people who tried themselves.

Hi @kaiji_San ,

A similar task was previously done and analysed that we would need to grab the parent id first and then use it on it’s subsequent elements.

Could you let us know what task/operation are you trying to perform on LinkedIn ?

Hi superman,

I am trying to connect people, I confirmed 3 different linkedin profile layout

  1. one with connect button available
  2. one with the connect button available by clicking the more button and then inside the dropdown
  3. and the third layout looks like the second one but because the profile allows direct messaging there are only 2 buttons I believe instead of the usual 3.

so managing to get to the connect button on every single profile is quite challenging, it is even possible ?

Parent ID, I think I have tried that one it did not work, but I admit I am not a coder, so maybe a coder whose more experienced can do this, I dont know

But for sure this is possible because a well known chrome solution like Octopus does it with a commercial product ! I wish I knew how they do it

Here you have Linkedin in details step by step: