How do you complete SAP automation training?

How do you complete SAP automation training? There is no SAP test login resource provided to test automation.

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:joy:. Good one .


Hello Tesla…

I guess we can’t completely know about any kind of software course as there are latest releases and advancements are in progress. New operations will be appended to the existing activities and need to work with those. By the way… Good One Indeed.

Bhanu Prasad

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@Tesla - very good one indeed. Not only does the lack of SAP login make it unable to complete SAP training, ergo completing the RPA Developer Foundation Course, it precludes the possibility of even signing up for Orchestrator 2016.2 training or Academy 2.


With the help of SAP Training you can develop application that interact with software application easily. So if you want to upgrade yourself then you can join SAP Training course here you will learn all concepts of finance,management etc

I Have my own SAP server.