How do we scale a particular bot tied to a machine, to different machines?


Could someone please help me run a bot on a different person’s system using orchestrator?


you need as many licenses as the number of machines you want to run the BOT on.
all these machines need to be “Provisioned” on the orchestrator.
post this activity, whenever you wan to scale up the bot to run on another machine, you can simply add the new machine in the same “Orchestrator environment” where the process is initially deployed.


Hi akhi-s27, thank you for your reply.
But could you please elaborate on the whole process about how can I run the same program from orchestrator on ,lets say 10 machines?

  1. On Orhcestrator, provision your 10 machines as Back Office Robot.
  2. Create an environment
  3. Add all these 10 machines to this same environment.
  4. Publish your process from your Dev Machine.
  5. On Orchestrator go to Processes Tab and click on Deploy process.
  6. On the popup that appears, select your process package, version and the environment.
    Ensure that you select the same environment that was created above.
  7. Go to Jobs tab, and click start job.
  8. select your process and select all the robots shown in the list and click start.


Hello akhi_s27. Thanks again. I have a simple program where I getting the list of folders in C-drive using “Directory.GetDirectories”. I was able to publish and deploy the package yesterday, the same way you have explained. But when I try to run the robot on mine and my colleague’s system, I get the following error:

on the robo connected to my colleague’s system, but runs successfully on my system.
Whereas an app with just a messagebox saying “Hi” executes successfully on both the systems.
Any idea why?
Thanks in advance.


your xaml file is needed to check this.

can you create another topic for this?