How do users submit an Idea to Automation Hub?

We just signed up for Automation Hub and had a question about submitting ideas.

Do we have to add users to Automation Hub, then they Submit an Idea through there? Or is there a way for a user to submit an idea somewhere else?

Example: Someone outside of IT wants to have a process automated, and has documentation, etc. Do we, the IT Team, have to create a login for them for Automation Hub so they can submit the idea? Or is there a simpler way of doing this?


Hello @tonyspizza,

Users can submit ideas only if they are connected in the Automation Hub tenant that you own.
You first have to add the users (individually or in bulk), then they will have to follow the link from the invitation and either sign up with email or use SSO. The email they use must match the email you added when you provisioned the user.
More details here.

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