How do use variables and counters to change Excel cells in Read or Write activities?

Suppose I have a workflow that will repeat.

It should read A1 and write at A2. Read at B2 and write at B3. read at C3 and write at B4.

The number part of the cell address seems obvious. Just do a normal counter that increases by 1 with each loop.

But what about the LETTER part of the cell address? How to I increase it along the alphabetical order (and beyond, like AA, AB, AC, etc)??

Does UIpath reads integer variables as a letters (1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, etc, etc)?

IF it does, how do I insert both variables (the one for row and the one for column) in the Excel Read and Excel Write activities? (let’s call the two integer variables as RowVar and ColVar)?

In the field of the Excel Read and Write Activities where I tell the cell, would I just add ColVar RowVar, or ColVar+RowVar…???

Please check Conversion from integer to Excel Column (Base 26) A-Z/AA/AAA etc for the conversion of numbers(coresponding to the column number) to letters (coresponding to the column names used in excel).
And for the read and write activities, if ColVar contains a letter, and RowVar contains a number, you can use them in that field like ColVar+RowVal (carefull at spaces).

thanks Robert.

UiPath should have a ready solution for the Excel activities where you could just give the activity two integer variables for column and row and it would automatically interpret the column one as letters.

If you’re doing this often, you could save it as a library and reuse it whenever needed. Good luck :smiley:

Not sure how to save as a Library or how to re-use a Library item.

I can save as template, but then, I only see how to start a new project FROM a template, not how to insert a template inside an on-going project.

Please see Libraries to Orchestrator
And as of template, it was my mistake, i meant libraries.

you meant libraries and you wrote libraries. So no mistake there.

But the problem is that I do not know how to save a flow as a library or as a snippet.