How do Uipath send a completion status email?

I want my bot to notify via email after successful execution. How do i achieve this?

@Mallika use send outlook mail activity in final success state

To elaborate:
Say i have 50 excel files. Each file has 1 sales order to be created with multiple line items.
So in a day 50 Sales orders are created.


  1. 50 files successfully loaded: should be notified. How do i capture this success status and notify?
  2. out of 50 files, say 5 files could not be loaded because of few errors. 5 files with error message to notify and 45 success to be notified. Ho to achieve this?
  3. Each file can have 100 line items, 70 line items were successfully loaded but 30 had issue. How do i notify success load of 70 lines and error status of 30 lines?

Any example , pointers would be great which can capture the above and below mentioned points:

  • Completion status email
  • Error email reporting
  • Partially entered data
  • Application Logout exception
  • Data validation for character / numerical / date format

Hai @Mallika,

You can Use Log message activity for a different type of notifications,


@Mallika, it has to design and capture each file reading and report method.
When you read each file and capture that message (either pass or fail status) and assign a global variable and start concatenate these status message to the same golbal variable. You can create a recursive function to capture these status message with file name.

once you are done with your execution, just use that Status Golbal Variable as your email body and send the email.

Hope my inputs are useful.