How do tackle the problem of recording sessions not working in multiple PCs?

I have designed a recording session in my PC of clicking some buttons in excel. I am unable to use in another PC as the images get corrupted when I open the xaml file in that one.

@Jaideep: If opening xaml and the screenshot images are not visible is the problem then copy the .screenshots folder and that should solve your problem.
The selectors might vary based on the excel version, or the environment in which it was built in. Please check if the machine you are copying to has the same environment.

@PD2 : Then how do I check the version of the application? For example, I am designing a robot which uses MS Office 2010 but may be, when I deploy the robot, it might be used in machines having MS Office 2013 or MS Office 2016. How do I get the versions into a variable? If I get them into a variable I will assign the different selector statements in a common variable and work with that.

Please correct me if I am wrong in my approach.

@Jaideep: Yes that sounds good. For excel you can go to File → Help → get the version info using a get text and place it in a variable and make decisions based on that. In order to avoid this situation, please build the bot in a environment similar to the target machine.